Edoera Kids is here to make sure your child is comfortable and grows well. We pay special attention to each child and help them learn. Our teachers are caring and always make learning fun. We have activities like Abacus, drawing, and dancing to keep your child happy while they learn.

We believe in teaching not only school stuff but also about feelings and being kind. We want every child to do their best and feel good about themselves."

Vision & Mission

"Our mission at Edoera Kids, a Playschool and Daycare centre, is to make learning easy and fun so that every child loves it and wants to participate more."

Vision :
Our vision at Edoera Kids is to help children to build a strong foundation for learning and being joyful throughout the learning process.

Preschool (Nursury, LKG, UKG)

We provide a safe place for kids to play, learn, and explore, enhancing their learning and creativity.


It's a second home for toddlers away from home, where little explorers engage in fun learning activities.

Extra Activity

Fun learning activities include arts and crafts, dancing, abacus practice, and English speaking sessions

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